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Launch Package

I'm a startup, small business owner or solopreneur that is motivated to achieve more this year!
$ 197
  • Monthly 45min Coaching Calls
  • Schedule Achievement Planning
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Business Operational Process

Growth Package

I'm an entrepreneur that moves quickly and am interested in accelerated growth!
$ 457
  • Launch Plan Plus:
  • Bi-weekly 45 min Coaching Calls
  • Identifying Market Segments & Targets
  • Marketing Insight Intelligence Gathering
  • Marketing ROI Planning

Expansion Package

I'm a business owner interested in expanding my business and increasing my profitablity this year!
$ 997
  • Growth Plan Plus:
  • Bi-weekly Calls or Online Conferencing
  • Brand Management Planning
  • Product Strategy Mentoring
  • Customer Loyalty Plannning
Sophie MacDonald
Sophie MacDonald
Far Shot Recreation
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Best Mentor I've ever had. Yolanda is so easy to talk to, she's so knowledgeable in the happenings of the world. She was able to give me advice that I had never even thought of! She went above and beyond helping me to set up social media marketing. And best of all she holds me accountable! The only way to success is to set goals, plan, and do them!!
Karen Brown
Karen Brown
The Little Things
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Yolanda is a great mentor who can help keep you on track accomplishing the things you need to accomplish in your business.

Business Strategy and Planning Mentoring

Planning. Leadership. Execution.

If you are a new start up or a struggling small business, mentorship or business coaching, will help you set goals and execute your vision by holding you accountable to the targets you set.  You will no longer struggle to figure everything out by yourself by partnering with us our commitment to you is to ensure that you gain tangible success at your own pace.  You will receive step by step guidance in how to reach your business’ goals.

Sales & Finance Mentoring

Sales. Market Size. Scaling.

Customer acquisition can be a very interesting and revealing adventure when done correctly.  Customer acquisition is extremely important to small businesses and just as important is focusing on customer retention and loyalty programs.  These programs need to be in place to maintain a healthy customer base to ensure a steady profit stream year over year.

Marketing Mentoring

Activate. Grow. Diversify.

In today’s volatile competitive market place small businesses have a hard time standing out in traditional and digital spaces.  Traditional marketing is expensive and may not work as well as it used to for most small to medium sized businesses.  Digital platforms can be overwhelming because of all the noise from various groups vying for attention. You need to know how to build a marketing strategy tailored to your specific business, and learn to measure success then set stretched goals. Rinse and repeat.

How Can I Help You Be Successful in Your Business?